Sunday, February 12, 2017

God Speaks So He Can Help Us

by Joyce Meyer

The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.
—Isaiah 10:27 KJV

When God speaks to you about an issue that needs to be dealt with in your life, you should not put it off. You can trust that the anointing, which is the power and ability of the Holy Spirit, is present to break its grip on you. If you put off confronting the problem until you want to deal with it, you may have to face trying to change without God’s power or anointing.

We often want to do things in our own timing, and we struggle and struggle because it is not anointed by God at the time we are trying to deal with it. For example, there are times when I feel like I want to confront an issue with an employee, but I know that it would be wiser for me to pray about it for a while and let God prepare that person’s heart. When I follow God’s timetable, I always have His anointing to get it done. I have learned to deal with issues when God wants to deal with them and leave them alone when He wants me to wait. I have also had the frustrating experience of trying over and over to change myself without waiting on God’s help and timing. God’s anointing must be present for anything to work right in our lives.

When God convicts us of something that needs to change in our lives that means He has prepared us to face it. We may not feel that we are ready, but we can trust that His timing is perfect and His anointing is present to break the yoke that is hindering our full freedom. I have learned to say, “Lord, I may not feel ready, but if You say the time is now then I trust that Your power is with me and I am willing to be obedient to You.” As you step out in faith to deal with issues you will find that the wisdom, grace, power, and ability that you need are present.
God’s word for you today: Don’t put off until another day what He wants you to deal with today.

From the book Hearing from God Each Morning: 365 Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2010 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"But if you left god in the midst of pain and suffering, then what's left and whose left?" 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lord, whatever happens today, help me to endure, persevere and keep my eyes fixed on you.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We need to be able to enjoy the good gifts that God has given us, without ever becoming obsessed with anything, or worshipping anything other than the living God.
The second-century Letter to Diognetus described the Christian’s lifestyle in the following way:
‘They live in their own countries, but only as aliens. They have a share in everything as citizens, and endure everything as foreigners. Every foreign land is their fatherland, and yet for them every fatherland is a foreign land… It is true that they are “in the flesh”, but they do not live “according to the flesh”.
‘They busy themselves on earth, but their citizenship is in heaven. They obey the established laws, but in their own lives they go far beyond what the laws require… They are poor, and yet they make many rich… Christians dwell in the world, but are not of the world.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I am so upset about certain things that happened in school.
All I need was someone who would patiently be there to hear me out for just awhile.